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Todd Brittingham  Earth Works - Sky Messages   1988-2012.          

Born in 1963 , in Orlando, Florida. Currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

"Todd Brittingham's sincere yet amusing work makes the point that artists still play a role in society's affairs. By taking his show on the road, to the beaches that are on the vanguard of ecological hazardry, he strives to reach a wider public..."

​​​Henry Geldzahler

Southhampton, NY

March 1994

"Its admirable that he is doing something, whatever the outcome. He is leaving a design here that will disappear and the result will be ecological."

James Rosenquist

Sarasota, Florida

April 1990

"Sky Message #29 is further evidence of your consistence to the land art project and perhaps more importantly the urgency of your message to us, that there is greater meaning and a direct relationship between us, life our fragile planet and the stars."

Tiite Baquero

Fort Myers, Florida

April  2017

"Go outside and play..."


Orlando, Florida

December 1972

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